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Welcome to Elkhart County Chiropractic where Dr. Lewallen has been helping patients of all ages get well since 1992



What We Treat

The Chiropractic examination, X-ray, and spinal-EMG study reveal areas of your spine that are malfunctioning. this often results in Nervous System comprimise. Impairment to the muscles that support the spine, damage to soft tissue of the spine,and sets in motion a degenerative process. Researchers refer to this as the vertebral subluxation complex. The five parts of the vertebral subluxation process are:

  • Abnormal Motion and Positioning of the Bones
    • Spinal Kinesiopathy
  • Abnormal Nervous System Function
    • Neropathophysiology
  • Abnormal Muscle Support and Function
    • Myopathology
  • Abnormal Function of the Disc, Ligaments, and Surrounding Tissue
    • Histopathology
  • Degenerative Changes such as Spurs and Decay
    • Pathophysiology


We Treat Musculoskeletal Conditions which may cause neuropathy.

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Common Conditions Treated by Our Office

Affected by Vertebral Subluxation Complex


  • Tension, Sinus, Migraines and Headaches, TMJ
  • Lower Back, Hip, Pelvic, Leg Pain, Weakness and Numbness
  • Neck, Shoulder, Arm and Hand Pain, Weakness and Numbness
  • Fibromyalgia, Sciatica, Scoliosis, and Arthritis

Who We Treat

  • Infant Care
    • Common symptoms are Collic, Head Tilt, and abnormal Pelvic Movement
  • Child Care
    • Common symptoms are Leg Ache, Headache, Sinus and Ear Infections
  • Pregnant Woman Care
    • Common symptoms are Pain with Movement, Swelling and Numbness
  • Elderly Care
    • Common symptoms are Imbalance, Weakness and Numbness
  • Auto Accident Care
    • Common symptoms are Restricted Movement and Stiffness
  •  Adult Care
    • Common symptoms are pain with work, difficulty sleeping


We Treat the Entire Family


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Dr. Brent F. Lewallen

Elkhart County Chiropractic

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