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Welcome to Elkhart County Chiropractic where Dr. Lewallen has been helping patients of all ages get well since 1992



New Patients

We want you to have an Exceptional Experience with Satisfying results that fit your Budget.


First Visit



     Free Consultation

Dr. Lewallen will listen to your concerns, palpate any areas of complaint, and discuss examination, X-ray, and treatment options with you. Our consultation is designed to learn more about you and determine how chiropractic can help your individualized needs.





Our examination consists of a complete History, Height, Weight, Blood Pressure, Orthopedic and Range of Motion tests, Palpation of the Areas of Complaint, Postural Observation, and Neurologic testing.








X-rays are usually taken of the main areas f complaint, using high speed technology to minimize exposure. Proper X-ray analysis is extremely important to observe calcium deposits, compression, spurring, or any pathology that may be contradicting for chiropractic manipulation. Dr. Lewallen will read your films prior to your first manipulation.
• Although X-rays are important, Dr. Lewallen will only take the minimum views to help avoid any unnecessary exposure or cost.






Our goal is always to obtain relief of symptoms with your first visit. Therefore, you can generally count on receiving some type of physiotherapy to relax the spinal tissue, followed by a gentle yet effective spinal adjustment, using diversified technique to treat your specific needs. Dr. Lewallen will often use trigger point  soft tissue technique and apply analgesics such as BioFreeze and CyroDerm, if necessary. One of many herbal remedies and vitamins or minerals, may also be suggested at checkout, to help with your healing processes.






    Report of Findings

You will receive a complete report of findings on your follow up visit at no additional cost. At which time there will be a discussion of X-ray findings and initial response to treatment with Dr. Lewallen. 



     Additional Testing

You may have a computerized surface Spinal-EMG performed to determine the neuromuscular balance of your spine and to help determine future progress at a minimal cost.





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